Finance Department
Government of Rajasthan
1st Floor, Main Building, Government Secretariat, Jaipur-302005, Rajasthan, INDIA
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Name Designation Telephone (Office) E-Mail
  Akhil Arora  Principal Secretary (Finance)  2227664
  T. Ravikanth  Secretary, Finance (Revenue)  2227711
  Siddharth Mahajan  Secretary, Finance (Budget)  2227934
  Naresh Kumar Thakral  Special Secretary, Finance (Expenditure)  2227625
  Brijesh Kishore Sharma  Director (Budget)   2227799
  Hem Pushpa Sharma  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-I)   2227775
  Bal Mukund Asawa  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-II)   2227636
  Hardyesh Kumar Juneja  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-III)   2227474
  Mewa Ram Jat  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-IV)   2227119
  Vradhi Chand Bunkar  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-V)   2227904
  Vimal Kumar Gupta  Joint Secretary (G&T)   2227921
  Suresh Kumar Verma  Joint Secretary (Rules)   2227557
  Syed Zainuddin Shahid  Joint Secretary (Rules)   2227868
  Tina Dabi  Joint Secretary (Tax)   2227162
  Jaswant Singh  Joint Secretary (Excise)   2227239
  Neelesh Sharma  Joint Secretary (Revenue)   2385753
  Ashutosh Vajpayi  Joint Secretary (EAD)   2227556
  Ritu Gupta   Joint Secretary (Audit)   2227450
  Vimal Kumar Gupta  Joint Secretary (Coordination)   2227921
  Sunil Soni  Joint Secretary (Ways & Means)   2227468
  Ved Prakash Gupta  Joint Secretary (Insurance)   2385649
  Ved Prakash Gupta  Joint Secretary (Pension)   2385649
  Akul Bhargava  Technical Director (Computer Cell)   2227094
  Chander Singh Dugar  O. S. D. (Tax Research Cell)   ---
  Shrikrishana Sharma  Deputy Secretary (Budget)   2227791
  Rajendra Singh  Senior Joint Legal Remembrancer (Legal Cell)   2227101
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