Test Page         
Sixth Pay Fixation
This is a testing page for regular employees who are availing the same grade from 01/09/2006
Name of the Department/Office
Name of the Services
Name of the Employee
Designation of the Employee
For Substantive/Officiating Post Substantive Officiating
Existing Pay Scale as on 01/09/2006 / Option Date
Basic Pay as on 01/09/2006 / Option Date
Personal Pay if any
Date of last increment in the existing pay scale
Date from which running pay band and grade pay opted, if permissible as per rules(Deafult 01/09/2006)

Enter Other Income(For current Salary Calculation)

Select HRA option(For current Salary Calculation)
Select CCA option(For current Salary Calculation)

Export to Word Format
Arrear to be genereated
Increment Order
Provide Name of Fixation Deptt (if Increment Order is ticked)