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Department of Finance deals with all matters related to Finances in the State which includes recruitment, appointment and promotions of Rajasthan Accounts Service, Rajasthan Excise Service (except transfers of Asstt. Excise Officers), Rajasthan Commercial Taxes Service (except transfers of Astt. Commercial Taxes Officers), Rajasthan State Insurance Service, Appeals under CCA Rules for Subordinate Accounts Service / Subordinate Provident Fund / State Insurance Service Department of Finance acts as a guide to various departments in matters such as GF&AR and Finance Rules. Framing of Rules, amendments in keeping with the changing times to bring about efficient Finance administration. Department of Finance is headed by Principal Secretary(Finance) to the Government who is supported by two Secretaries, one Special Secretary, one Director, seventeen O.S.D./Deputy Secretaries, various Sr. A.O.s, A.O.s, A.A.O., Ministerial staff and other services staff. Various Division of Finance Department are as under :
  • P.A.C. / Legislative Committees in audit matters (General) (of all Government Departments/Undertakings).
  • C.A.G. Report inspection Reports of A.G. and pursuance of draft paras.
  • Internal Audit, Special Audit and Physical Verification Reports of Director, Inspection.
  • Matters relating to Reports of Director, Local Fund Audit Department.
  • Pursuance of misappropriation / defalcation/ embezzlement cases with the concerned departments.
  • Administration of Directorate of Inspection, and Local Fund Audit Department.
  • Utilization certificates and Recovery of Loans and advances
  • Budget Circular/ Manual/ Memorandum
  • Budget Speech
  • Scrutiny and approval of Budget including items of new expenditure.
  • Appropriation Bill
  • Re-appropriation
  • Advance from the Contingency Fund.
  • Supplementary / Excess Demands.
  • Rate of interest on interest bearing deposits.
  • Payment of service charges in respect of Public Loans
  • Investment of cash balances Trust Funds, Funds in Public Accounts.
  • Loans Funds and W&M Advance to Autonomous Boards and Public / Private Undertakings, Co-operative Bodies.
  • Allocation of funds for advances to Government Servants.
  • Matters relating to Banks.
  • Management of Ways & Means position including Monthly Accounts
  • Declaration of Holidays under Negotiable instrument Act, 1881
  • Printing of Budget
  • Performance Budget
  • Additional authorisation over and above the Budgeted provisions
    • Decretal
    • Other cases
      • Upto Rs. 3.00 lacs
      • Cases exceeding Rs. 3.00 lacs but upto Rs. 10.00 lacs
      • Cases exceeding 10.00 lacs but upto 25 lacs
      • Cases exceeding RS 25 lacs
  • Examination of proposals for release of grants under award of Central/State Finance Commissions and other related correspondence.
  • Macro economic analysis of National and State's finances and Economy.
  • Examination of proposal for Innovative Financing/Externally aided projects.
  • Revision of Excise Duties and Taxes on Excise Commodities including Remission / Waiver.
  • Fixation of license fees and sale price of Excise goods.
  • Import/ export of Excise articles in the state.
  • Policy decisions relating to manufacture, storage, bottling, blending etc. of Excise Articles.
  • Matters regarding sales / disposal of Excise goods.
  • Reduction in Excise demand.
  • Review and Administration of Excise Department.
  • Statutory Appeals and Revisions.
  • Appeals under CCA rules.
  • Inclusion of items in Schedule of new Expenditure for Non - Plan / Plan/ CSS and Break-up of lump-sum provision. (Including uncovered items).
  • Loans and grant - in - aid including advance sanction and in relaxation of rules.
  • Proposals for making temporary posts permanent including revision of cadre strength.
    • Non - gazetted
    • Gazetted
  • Extension in the terms of temporary posts
  • Matters relating to PWF&AR revision of rates and work charged employees.
  • Sanction for decretal expenditure.
  • Framing and Interpretation of GF&AR, PWF&AR and Treasury Rules including relaxation, amendments thereof.
  • Making Rules and Guideline on Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Act and Rules.
  • State Procurement Facilitation Cell.
  • To set up and maintain State Public Procurement Portal.
  • Vetting of Reply in Court of Civil Judge (Jr. Div/ Sr. Div. )/ District Judge/ M.A.C.T./ R.C.S.A.T./ Writ petitions
  • Appointment of
    • Advocate General (A.G.), Addl. Advocate General (A.A.G.), Advocate On Record (A.O.R.), Senior Counsel (S.C.) contempt cases, National consumer Forum.
    • Panel Lawyers for High Court, Rajasthan Taxation Tribunal (R.T.T.), Deputy Govt. Advocate (Dy. G.A.) for Taxation Board,
      • Dy. G.A. for Div. Commissioner
      • Dy. G.A. / perokar for Revenue Board
  • Sanction for SLP / No SLP / No appeal (in all matters up to High Court
  • Prosecution Sanction for challenging Excise cases after one year.
  • Sanction of decretal amount.
  • Notice For Demand of justice and U/s 80 CPC
  • Investment in projects, schemes and in Corporations/ Private / Public Sector Undertakings
  • Government Guarantee or extension thereof
  • Signing of Guarantee Deeds
  • To appoint representative of the Governor to attend Annual General Meeting of Companies/ Corporation etc.
  • Financial review of Corporations / Undertakings.
  • Proceedings of Board of Directors of Undertaking and Co-operative Bodies/ Societies attended by the Officers representing Finance Department.
  • Matters relating to RSEB
  • All matters relating to Rajasthan Accounts Service & Rajasthan Subordinate Accounts Service.
  • Review of recovery of Revenue in major Revenue earning departments and other departments.
  • Returns of write-off of Revenue.
  • All matters relating to Director of Treasury & Accounts and Administration of Treasuries.
  • Sanction for drawl of advance on AC bills.
  • Administration of Pension and Pensioners' Welfare Department.
  • Policy matters regarding Pension and Pensioners' Welfare.
  • Approvals under / Amendments/ Interpretation / Relaxation of Service Rules (RSR) and other Rules.
  • State Govt. Employees Demands.
  • Concurrence of FD to amendments in All India Services Rules.
  • Litigation : (including cases relating to consequential benefits.)
  • Waiving of recovery from Govt. employees.
  • Correction and amendments to Schedule to Pay Scale Rules, not involving revision of scales
  • Advances / Sanctions for medical treatment of Government employees, Public representatives and other entitled persons.
  • Revision of rates of stamps duties and fees, including registration and court fees.
  • Revision of rates of Commercial Taxes and other Taxes
  • Grant of exemption from Taxes :-
    • When the case is covered by a precedent
    • Other cases
  • Statutory Appeal and Revisions
  • Appeals under CCA rules
  • Sales Tax checkposts.
  • Refund of Revenue and reduction in demand
  • Review of recovery of Commercial Taxes and Registration & Stamps
  • Review of working and Administration of Commercial Taxes, Land & Building Tax and Registration and Stamps Departments and Rajasthan Tax Board, Ajmer and Rajasthan Taxation Tribunal, Jaipur
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