Important Telephone Numbers of Finance Department
To Dial IP No. (Secretariat): 5153222, 5153223

Name Designation I. P. Telephone (O) Telephone (R) Fax No.E-Mail
  Smt. Vasundhara Raje  Chief Minister (Finance)---2227351, 22272622228712,,
  Prem Singh Mehra  Principal Secretary (Finance)
  Praveen Gupta  Secretary, Finance (Revenue)
  Manju Rajpal  Secretary, Finance (Budget)
  Suresh Chandra Dinkar  Secretary, Finance (Expenditure)
  Surendra Kumar Solanki  Special Secretary (Expenditure-II)
  Sharad Mehra  Director (Budget)
  Jaswant Singh  Joint Secretary (Budget)
  Zakir Hussain  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-III)
  Ashok Pathak  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-IV) 244282227119------
  Sandeep Dheer  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-V) 2446422279042520078---
  Ramawtar Sharma  Joint Secretary (G&T)
  Hridayesh Kumar Junja  Joint Secretary (Excise)
  Ramawtar Sharma  Joint Secretary (GF&AR) 244342227921---------
  Shankar Lal Kumawat  Joint Secretary (Tax)
  Aijaz Nabi Khan  Joint Secretary (Revenue) 2441823857532701786,
  Manjula Verma  Joint Secretary (Audit) 24420, 2442122274502974611,---
  Ashutosh Vajpayi  Joint Secretary (EAD)
  Ved Prakash Gupta  Joint Secretary (Insurance & Pension) 2449823856492744440---
  Mahendra Singh Bhukar  Joint Secretary-I (Rules),
  Kirti Jain  Joint Secretary-II (Rules)
  Hari Mohan Sharma  Senior Joint Legal Remembrancer (Legal Cell)
  Akul Bhargava  Additional Director (Computer Cell)
  Meenal Bhonsle  OSD (Tax Research Cell) 244362385742------
  Shrikrishna Sharma  Deputy Secretary (W&M)
  Dinesh Kumar Sharma  Deputy Secretary (Expenditure-I) 2442422277752709714---
  S. Z. Shahid  Deputy Secretary (Litigation) (Rules)
  Shaleen Upadhya  Research Officer-I (Tax Research Cell)
  Krishan Chandra Kumawat  Chief Accounts Officer (Expenditure-III) 24445------------
  Dheeraj Sisodia  Chief Accounts Officer (Rules)
  Sushil Sharma  Chief Accounts Officer (Excise) 24416---------
  Harish Laddha  Chief Accounts Officer (GF&AR) 24489---------
  Arvind Diwan  Chief Accounts Officer (GF&AR (S.P.F.C Cell))
  Mohan Lal Acharya  Chief Accounts Officer (Revenue)
  Brahma Prakash Sharma  Chief Accounts Officer (Revenue) 24417---------
  Sitaram Meena  Chief Accounts Officer (Audit)
  LaxmiKant Sharma  Chief Accounts Officer (EAD)
  Mukesh Kumar Goyal  Senior Accounts Officer (Expenditure-IV) 24496---------
  Navratan Agrawal  Chief Accounts Officer (Expenditure-II) (Retired)
  R. K. Modani  Chief Accounts Officer (Rules) (Retired)
  Kailash Chand Tanwar  Senior Accounts Officer (Budget) (Retired)24478---2781450---
  Gangaram  Senior Accounts Officer (Insurance & Pension) (Retired)24499---------

Important Telephone Numbers of Departments related to Finance Department
Name Designation I. P. Telephone (O) Telephone (R) Fax No.E-Mail
  Alok Gupta  Commissioner (Commercial Taxes Department)286882227553, 2227552------
  Om Prakash Yadav  Excise Commissioner---0294-2524911---2526801
  Jaipur Office  Excise Commissioner---2740829---2740829---
  S. S. Sohta  Director (State Insurance and Provident Fund)286142200786---2203344
  Naanu Mal Pahadiya  Inspector General, Registration and Stamp---0145-2627590---2431002
  Arun Kumar Gupta  Director (Pension Department)---27406782785165---
  Manoj Kumar  Director (Local Fund Audit)
  Deo Karan Singh  Director (Inspection)---2740324------
  Pankaj Patni  Director (Treasury and Accouncts)28653274023927071202742309

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