Important Telephone Numbers of Finance Department
To Dial IP No. (Secretariat): 5153222, 5153223

Name Designation I. P. Telephone (O) Telephone (R) Fax No.E-Mail
  Smt. Vasundhara Raje  Chief Minister (Finance)---2227351, 22272622228712,,
  Devendra Bhushan Gupta  Additional Chief Secretary (Finance)
  Praveen Gupta  Secretary, Finance (Revenue)
  Manju Rajpal  Secretary, Finance (Budget)
  Surendra Kumar Solanki  Special Secretary, Finance (Expenditure)
  Sharad Mehra  Director (Budget)
  Jaswant Singh  Joint Secretary (Budget)
  Jagveer singh  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-II)
  Zakir Hussain  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-III)
  Mewa Ram Jat  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-IV) 244282227119------
  Sarvesh Kumar Tiwari  Joint Secretary (Expenditure-V) 244642227904------
  Ushaspati Tripathi  Joint Secretary (Coordination)
  Kirti Jain  Joint Secretary (Rules)
  Mahendra Singh Bhukar  Joint Secretary (Rules),
  Omkar Mal Rajotiya  Joint Secretary (Excise) 24470
  Ushaspati Tripathi  Joint Secretary (G&T) 244342227921
  Shankar Lal Kumawat  Joint Secretary (Tax)
  Aijaz Nabi Khan  Joint Secretary (Revenue)
  Arvind Kumar Mishra  Joint Secretary (Audit)
  Ashutosh Vajpayi  Joint Secretary (EAD)
  Ved Prakash Gupta  Joint Secretary (Insurance & Pension)
  Shrikrishna Sharma  Deputy Secretary (W&M)
  Dinesh Kumar Sharma  Deputy Secretary (Expenditure-I) 2442422277752709714---
  Dheeraj Sisodia  Deputy Secretary (Rules)
  Meenal Bhonsle  OSD (Tax Research Cell) 244362385742------
  Akul Bhargava  Additional Director (Computer Cell)
  Poonam Choudhary  Chief Accounts Officer (Expenditure-III)
  Atul Khandelwal  Chief Accounts Officer (Excise) 24416---------
  Harish Laddha  Chief Accounts Officer (G&T) 24489---------
  Kamalpreet Kaur  Chief Accounts Officer (G&T (S.P.F.C Cell))
  Brahma Prakash Sharma  Chief Accounts Officer (Revenue) 24417---------
  Sitaram Meena  Chief Accounts Officer (Audit)
  LaxmiKant Sharma  Chief Accounts Officer (EAD)
  Shaleen Upadhya  Research Officer-I (Tax Research Cell)
  Jambu Kumar Jain  Senior Accounts Officer (Tax) 244852227162------
  Hari Mohan Sharma  Senior Joint Legal Remembrancer (Legal Cell) (Retired)
  Navratan Agrawal  Chief Accounts Officer (Expenditure-II) (Retired)
  R. K. Modani  Chief Accounts Officer (Rules) (Retired)
  Kailash Chand Tanwar  Senior Accounts Officer (Budget) (Retired)24478---2781450------
  Bhagwan Das Nama  Senior Accounts Officer (EAD) (Retired)
  Gangaram  Senior Accounts Officer (Insurance & Pension) (Retired)24323---------

Important Telephone Numbers of Departments related to Finance Department
Name Designation I. P. Telephone (O) Telephone (R) Fax No.E-Mail
  Alok Gupta  Commissioner (Commercial Taxes Department)286882227553, 2227552------
  Om Prakash Yadav  Excise
  Dr. Rajesh Sharma  Inspector General, Registration and Stamp---0145-2971201---2431002
  Bhanwar Lal Mehra  Director (State Insurance and Provident Fund)286142200786---2203344
  Parmeshwari Chaudhary  Director (Pension Department)
  Manoj Kumar  Director (Local Fund Audit)
  Suresh Kumar Ashwal  Director (Inspection)---2740324------
  Manjula Verma  Director (Treasury and Accouncts)

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