Telephone Directory हिन्‍दी
 Finance Department, Secretariat, Jaipur  
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Chief Minister Office
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Smt. Vasundhara RajeChief Minister---2227351, 2227262101 CM Building
2.Tanmay KumarPrincipal Secretary, C. M. - I21022, 210232227308108 CM Building
3.Gaytri RathoreSecretary, C.M. - II 21024, 210252227589112 CM Building
Additional Chief Secretary Finance Office
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Devendra Bhushan GuptaAdditional Chief Secretary2156422276642116 Main Building
2.Vinod AgarwalPrivate Secretary21565---2115 Main Building
3.Lalit BhagatPrivate Secretary21565---2115 Main Building
4.Sita Ram SharmaPrivate Secretary21565---2115 Main Building
5.Satya Prakash YadavAssistant Programmer21565---2115 Main Building
6.Manoj Kumar SharmaClerk Grade-I21565---2115 Main Building
7.Bhojraj BhatiDriver21565---2115 Main Building
8.Mool ChandraDriver21565---2115 Main Building
9.Mohammad AnwarFourth Class21565---2115 Main Building
10.Ghanshyam SharmaFourth Class21565---2115 Main Building
11.Gulab SinghFourth Class21565---2115 Main Building
12.Narayan SharmaFourth Class21565---2115 Main Building
Finance Secretary (Revenue) Office
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Praveen GuptaSecretary2143222277114118 Main Building
2.Bajrang Singh BaraithPrivate Secretary2143322277114119 Main Building
3.Omprakash KumawatAssistant Programmer21433---4119 Main Building
4.Sarabjeet SinghInformatics Assistant21433---4119 Main Building
5.Charan SinghInformatics Assistant2143322277114119 Main Building
6.Dhanraj MeenaClerk Grade-II21463---4119 Main Building
Finance Secretary (Budget) Office
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Manju RajpalSecretary2147222279345133 Main Building
2.Omprakash PanchalPrivate Secretary2147322279345132 Main Building
3.Rameshwar VedwalInformatics Assistant2147322279345132 Main Building
4.Prahlad Sahay BairwaClerk Grade-II2147322279345132 Main Building
5.Tilak Raj SinghFourth Class2147322279345132 Main Building
6.Raju Ram MauryaFourth Class2147322279345132 Main Building
7.Sayar SinghDriver2147322279345132 Main Building
8.Suresh Chandra SharmaDriver2147322279345132 Main Building
Finance Secretary (Expenditure) Office
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Surendra Kumar SolankiSpecial Secretary21434222762514 Main Building
2.Sunil Kumar SharmaPrivate Secretary2143522276254116 Main Building
3.Devesh TrivediPrivate Secretary2143522276254116 Main Building
4.Raj Kumar BobadeAssistant Programmer21435---4116 Main Building
5.Deepak GuptaInformatics Assistant21435---4116 Main Building
6.Anup SharmaClerk Grade-II21435---4116 Main Building
7.Shankar Lal MeenaJamadar21435---4116 Main Building
8.Ramesh MehraFourth Class21435---4116 Main Building
Head of Department
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Jyoti KiranPresident---2742824Vitta Bhawan, Jaipur
2.S. C. DerashriMember Secretary---2742881Vitta Bhawan, Jaipur
3.Alok GuptaCommissioner (Commercial Taxes Department)286882227553, 2227552Tax Department, Jaipur
4.SanjeevDirector General (State Revenue Intellegence)---2744781Vitta Bhawan, Jaipur
5.Praveen Gupta (Addl. Charge)Excise Commissioner---0294-2524911Udaipur
6.Dr. Rajesh SharmaInspector General, Registration and Stamp---0145-2971201Ajmer
7.Bhanwar Lal MehraDirector (State Insurance and Provident Fund)286142200786Pension Department, Jaipur
8.Parmeshwari ChaudharyDirector (Pension Department)---2740678Pension Department, Jaipur
9.Manoj KumarDirector (Local Fund Audit)---2740179Vitta Bhawan, Jaipur
10.Suresh Kumar AshwalDirector (Inspection)---2740324Vitta Bhawan, Jaipur
11.Manjula VermaDirector (Treasury and Accouncts)286532740239Vitta Bhawan, Jaipur
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Sharad MehraDirector2443822277995130 Main Building
2.Jaswant SinghJoint Secretary2443222277915124 Main Building
3.Ravi Lata SaxenaAssistant Secretary24494---5137 Main Building
4.Ramesh Chandra AryaAssistant Secretary24452---5137 Main Building
5.Ram Swaroop SharmaSenior Accounts Officer24482---5137 Main Building
6.Jugal Kishore SharmaSenior Accounts Officer24486---5137 Main Building
7.Kailash Chandra AgrawalSenior Accounts Officer24484---5137 Main Building
8.Dinesh Chandra KumawatSenior Accounts Officer24486---5137 Main Building
9.Sita Ram AgarwalSenior Accounts Officer24452---5137 Main Building
10.Narendra Kumar GuptaAccounts Officer24452---5137 Main Building
11.Mahesh Chand GuptaAccounts Officer24500---5137 Main Building
12.Dileep KumarAccounts Officer24500---5137 Main Building
13.Chauthmal JatAccounts Officer24486---5137 Main Building
14.Vinod SharmaAccounts Officer24500---5137 Main Building
15.Radhamohan KumawatProgrammer24452---5137 Main Building
16.Ram Kumar PareekSection Officer24494---5137 Main Building
17.Ramesh Chandra GuptaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24500---5137 Main Building
18.Babulal SharmaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24486---5137 Main Building
19.Bhagwan Sahay GuptaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24500---5137 Main Building
20.Man Prakash GuptaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24500---5137 Main Building
21.Mahendra VyasAssistant Accounts Officer-I24452---5137 Main Building
22.Radheshyam SharmaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24494---5137 Main Building
23.Ved Prakash DadhichAssistant Accounts Officer-II24452---5137 Main Building
24.Vimal Kumar SharmaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24500---5137 Main Building
25.Rajeev RajoriyaAssistant Accounts Officer-II2449422277995137 Main Building
26.Madan Lal MehtaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24500---5137 Main Building
27.Vijay ChanganiAssistant Accounts Officer-II24486---5137 Main Building
28.Mahesh Chandra GuptaStatistical Investigator24500---5137 Main Building
29.Manju JainAssistant Programmer24452---5137 Main Building
30.Prateek PatelAssistant Programmer24452---5137 Main Building
31.Rajani JhanganiaJunior Accountant2449422277995137 Main Building
32.Deepak JangidInformatics Assistant24452---5137 Main Building
33.Jagdish PrasadClerk Grade-I24452---5137 Main Building
34.Sanjay ChoudharyClerk Grade-I24452---5137 Main Building
35.Shyam Sunder MeenaClerk Grade-I24452---5137 Main Building
36.Sunil MeenaClerk Grade-I24452---5137 Main Building
37.Nida ArshiClerk Grade-II24452---5137 Main Building
38.Babu Lal MahawarMachine Man Cum Operator24452---5137 Main Building
39.Kailash Chand TanwarSenior Accounts Officer(Retired)24478---5137 Main Building
40.Phool Chand YadavConsultant24486---5137 Main Building
41. Babu Lal SharmaConsultant24452---5137 Main Building
42.Ganpat Lal KholiyaAssistant Consultant24452---5137 Main Building
43.Ramjilal GuptaConsultant24452---5137 Main Building
44.JagdishFourth Class24452---5137 Main Building
45.Rampal SharmaFourth Class24494---5137 Main Building
46.Deepak SharmaFourth Class2443922277995131 Main Building
Computer Cell
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Akul BhargavaAdditional Director2446122270944109 Main Building
2.Kamal Kishore KhuranaProgrammer24467---4114 Main Building
3.Rajeev BhatnagarProgrammer24467---4114 Main Building
4.Aklesh KumarProgrammer24462---4114 Main Building
5.Rajesh PaliwalProgrammer2147322279345132 Main Building
6.Nand Kishore SharmaAssistant Programmer24462---4114 Main Building
7.Akshay PatniAssistant Programmer24462---4114 Main Building
8.Anjali SaxenaAssistant Programmer24462---4114 Main Building
9.Maninder SinghInformatics Assistant24462---4114 Main Building
10.Pankaj Kumar VedInformatics Assistant24462---4114 Main Building
11.Ratan Kumar SainiInformatics Assistant24462---4114 Main Building
12.Roma BhatnagarInformatics Assistant2446222270944114 Main Building
13.Anil AjmeraInformatics Assistant2446222270944114 Main Building
14.Hitesh Kumar SainiInformatics Assistant24462---4114 Main Building
15.Monu AgrawalInformatics Assistant24462---4114 Main Building
16.Kratika JaiswalInformatics Assistant24462---4114 Main Building
17.Sunita YadavFourth Class24462---4114 Main Building
18.Lal ChandFourth Class24462---4114 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Shrikrishna SharmaDeputy Secretary2446822274685141 Main Building
2.Mohan Lal SainiSenior Accounts Officer24469---5136 Main Building
3.Neeraj MathurProgrammer24466---5136 Main Building
4.Nathulal KhatikSection Officer24474---5136 Main Building
5.Mahendra Kumar MittalAssistant Accounts Officer-I------5136 Main Building
6.Shri Chand SahuAssistant Accounts Officer-I24474---5136 Main Building
7.Babu Lal KumawatAssistant Accounts Officer-II244745136 Main Building
8.Khyali RamAssistant Accounts Officer-I24474---5136 Main Building
9.Kailash Chandra GuptaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24474---5136 Main Building
10.Mahesh Kumar PurohitAssistant Section Officer24474---5136 Main Building
11.Vinod Kumar SinghAssistant Section Officer24474---5136 Main Building
12.Asha VermaAssistant Programmer24474---5136 Main Building
13.Narendra Singh ShekhawatInformatics Assistant24474---5136 Main Building
14.Pradeep VermaClerk Grade-II24474---5136 Main Building
15.Rajaram YadavClerk Grade-II24474---5136 Main Building
16.Balendu SharmaConsultant24442---5136 Main Building
17.Ram Mohan GuptaConsultant24474---5136 Main Building
18.Vivek YadavClerk Grade-II2444222274685136 Main Building
19.Dharmesh ChawaraClerk Grade-II2444222274685136 Main Building
20.Phool ChandJamadar24474---5136 Main Building
21.Navratan SinghFourth Class24466---5141 Main Building
22.RekhaFourth Class244745136 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Dinesh Kumar SharmaDeputy Secretary24424222777512 Main Building
2.Dhoopendra Kumar JainSenior Accounts Officer24415---10 Main Building
3.Shripal KhowalAssistant Cum Programmer24457---10 Main Building
4.Rakesh Kumar AcharyaSection Officer2441522277755 Main Building
5.Chetan Kumar SharmaAccounts Officer24457---10 Main Building
6.Pramod Kumar BhatnagarAssistant Accounts Officer-I24415---10 Main Building
7.Subhash Chand PareekAssistant Accounts Officer-I24415---10 Main Building
8.Ajit Kumar JainAssistant Accounts Officer-II24415---10 Main Building
9.Ajay Kumar GuptaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24457---10 Main Building
10.Gopal Lal SenAssistant Section Officer24457---10 Main Building
11.Anita TakClerk Grade-I24457---10 Main Building
12.Ajay Kumar ChoubeyClerk Grade-I24457---10 Main Building
13.Ajay JoliyaClerk Grade-II24457---10 Main Building
14.Girraj MeenaClerk Grade-II24415---10 Main Building
15.Vimal Kumar JainConsultant24483---5 Main Building
16.Ganpat Singh JainConsultant24415---10 Main Building
17.Ramesh Chand NanomaFourth Class24425---10 Main Building
18.Mukesh Kumar PareekFourth Class24425---10 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Jagveer singhJoint Secretary24426222763613 Main Building
2.Sunil PaliwalAdditional Private Secretary24427---13 Main Building
3.Ashok Babu YadavSenior Accounts Officer24479---3107 Main Building
4.Arun KumarAccounts Officer24479---3107 Main Building
5.Ramkesh MeenaAccounts Officer24447---3107 Main Building
6.Rajendra Singh RathoreProgrammer24487---4 Main Building
7.Shiv Prasad KumawatSection Officer24447---3107 Main Building
8.Ramesh Chand JainAssistant Accounts Officer-I24459---3107 Main Building
9.Vishnu Dutt SharmaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24459---13 Main Building
10.Vidyadhar BurdakAssistant Accounts Officer-I24427---13 Main Building
11.Naresh KumarAssistant Section Officer24447---13 Main Building
12.Sunil Kumar PanwarClerk Grade-I24427---13 Main Building
13.Suva Lal YadavClerk Grade-II24479---13 Main Building
14.Devendra Kumar LaakarClerk Grade-II24427---13 Main Building
15.Tejpal RaigarJunior Accountant24427---13 Main Building
16.Hari Ballabh SharmaAccounts Officer(Retired)24447---3106 Main Building
17.Mahendra Singh TanwarConsultant24459---3106 Main Building
18.Narsing LalFourth Class24427---13 Main Building
19.Prem Chand SainiFourth Class24427---13 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Zakir HussainJoint Secretary2443022274745036 Main Building,Cabin no.15
2.Poonam ChoudharyChief Accounts Officer2439122274745036 Main Building,Cabin 17
3.Prabhu Dayal VermaSenior Accounts Officer24445---16 Main Building
4.Abdul AzizAccounts Officer 2444822274745036 (Cabin No. 10)
5.Govind Ram KhatnalSection Officer24481---9 Main Building
6.Suryabihari SinghSection Officer24481---9 Main Building
7.Subhash Chandra MahichaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24481---9 Main Building
8.Lal Chand DhakerAssistant Accounts Officer-I24481---9 Main Building
9.Radha Ballabh TiwariProgrammer24431---3 Main Building
10.Prabha TanwarAssistant Section Officer24481---9 Main Building
11.Harinarayan MeenaClerk Grade-I24481---9 Main Building
12.Naresh Kumar BadhaniyaClerk Grade-I24431---3 Main Building
13.Surendra Singh ShekhawatClerk Grade-II24481---9 Main Building
14.Satish Chand GuptaAccounts Officer(Retired)24448---10 Main Building
15.Om Prakash JainConsultant24445222747416 Main Building
16.Gabari MeenaFourth Class2448122274749 Main Building
17.Lekh Raj MeenaFourth Class2446122274749 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Mewa Ram JatJoint Secretary2442822271191 Main Building
2.Reetu JainChief Accounts Officer24496---3 Main Building
3.Ashok Kumar GuptaSenior Accounts Officer24497---6 Main Building
4.Ramawtar GuptaAccounts Officer(Retired)24496---6 Main Building
5.Rakesh Kumar JainAccounts Officer24429---6 Main Building
6.Dharmendra Kumar MathurSection Officer24429---9 Main Building
7.Prem Chand VermaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24429---9 Main Building
8.Kailash Chand RawatProgrammer24495---3 Main Building
9.Premprakash GuptaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24497---6 Main Building
10.Suresh Singh ChauhanAssistant Accounts Officer-II24497---6 Main Building
11.Dinesh KumarAssistant Accounts Officer-II24429---9 Main Building
12.Vikas AgrawalAssistant Accounts Officer-II24429---9 Main Building
13.Naval Kishor MauryaJunior Accountant2442922271199 Main Building
14.Arjun Lal SheshamaClerk Grade-I24429---9 Main Building
15.Deshraj MinaClerk Grade-I24497---6 Main Building
16.Raman GuptaClerk Grade-I24429---9 Main Building
17.Kamlesh Kumar MeenaClerk Grade-II24429---9 Main Building
18.Jalim Singh ShekhawatConsultant24429---9 Main Building
19.CheeranjilalJamadar24429---1 Main Building
20.Aasha ChaturvediFourth Class24429---9 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Sarvesh Kumar TiwariJoint Secretary24464222790411 Main Building
2.Noratmal JainSenior Accounts Officer24491---8 Main Building
3.Nawal Kishore SharmaAccounts Officer24443---7 Main Building
4.Prakash RawatSection Officer24491---8 Main Building
5.Jitendra Singh ChauhanStatistical Officer24491---8 Main Building
6.Harinarayan BairwaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24491---8 Main Building
7.Chandra Prakash AroraAssistant Accounts Officer-II2449123909798 Main Building
8.Ajit Kumar JainAssistant Accounts Officer-II24491---8 Main Building
9.Ram Kishore SharmaAssistant Programmer24491---8 Main Building
10.Jeevraj Singh ShekhawatClerk Grade-I24444---8 Main Building
11.R. K. MathurConsultant24491---8 Main Building
12.Anand KumarFourth Class24443---8 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Ushaspati TripathiJoint Secretary2443422279215128 Main Building
2.Dropadi KumariDeputy Secretary24412---5125 Main Building
3.Ashok KumarAssistant Secretary24454---5125 Main Building
4.Suresh Kumar AgrawalAssistant Secretary244552227921 5125 Main Building
5.Uma YadhuvanshiProgrammer24454---5125 Main Building
6.Brijmohan yadavClerk Grade-I24454---5125 Main Building
7.Buddhi Prakash SharmaClerk Grade-I24454---5125 Main Building
8.Manoj SharmaClerk Grade-II24454---5125 Main Building
9.Shankar Shambhu MeenaClerk Grade-II24454---5125 Main Building
10.Saroj KumariFourth Class24454---5125 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Kirti JainJoint Secretary2444022278685211 Main Building
2.Mahendra Singh BhukarJoint Secretary2442222275574111 Main Building
3.Dheeraj SisodiaDeputy Secretary2449022278605237 Main Building
4.Vishnu Kumar PareekAssistant Secretary2444623363825135 Main Building
5.Nand Kishore JasoriaSenior Accounts Officer24446---5135 Main Building
6.Pavan Kumar BoobanaSenior Accounts Officer24446---5135 Main Building
7.Yuktiprasad SharmaAssistant Secretary24446---5135 Main Building
8.Prabhu Chand KaradiaSection Officer2444651161955135 Main Building
9.Pramod Kumar VyasAssistant Accounts Officer-I24410---5140 Main Building
10.Hanuman Sahay BunkarAssistant Accounts Officer-I24423---5140 Main Building
11.Virendra Kumar MahalaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24437---5135 Main Building
12.Brijbehari SharmaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24423---5140 Main Building
13.Vinod Kumar MishraAssistant Accounts Officer-II2443751161955135 Main Building
14.Vimal Kumar JainAssistant Accounts Officer-II24437---5135 Main Building
15.Satish BansalJunior Accountant24437---5135 Main Building
16.Uma Shanker TiwariAssistant Accounts Officer-II24423---5140 Main Building
17.Narendra SinghAdditional Private Secretary2444123998105210 Main Building
18.Dayashankar GuptaAssistant Programmer24423---5140 Main Building
19.Kishore Kumar GuptaAssistant Section Officer24446---5135 Main Building
20.Avin BairwaAssistant Programmer24488---5137 Main Building
21.Pavan Kumar MeenaJunior Accountant24446---5135 Main Building
22.Mamta ChowdharyInformatics Assistant24443---5140 Main Building
23.Apratima TripathiInformatics Assistant24437---5135 Main Building
24.Navjot KaurInformatics Assistant24463---5135 Main Building
25.Jagdish Prasad MeenaClerk Grade-I24423---5140 Main Building
26.Pinky PrajapatClerk Grade-II24446---5135 Main Building
27.Ghewarchand JainConsultant24437---5135 Main Building
28.R. K. ModaniChief Accounts Officer(Retired)24463---5135 Main Building
29.Vijay shankar SharmaConsultant(Retired)24460---5135 Main Building
30.Jagdish Narayan MathurAssistant Accounts Officer-I(Retired)24463---5135 Main Building
31.Babulal MeenaFourth Class24446---5135 Main Building
32.Sultan MeenaFourth Class24435---5210 Main Building
33.Sohni DeviFourth Class24446---5135 Main Building
34.Rajesh SharmaFourth Class24490---5135 Main Building
35.Mohini DeviFourth Class24490---5140 Main Building
36.Meena BaiFourth Class24441---5210 Main Building
37.Mahendra SainFourth Class24443---5135 Main Building
Legal Cell
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Hari Mohan SharmaSenior Joint Legal Remembrancer(Retired)2449222271015144 Main Building
2.Ashish SharmaAdditional Private Secretary24453---5143 Main Building
3.Rajendra Kumar SinghalJoint Legal Remembrancer(Retired)2448022271014106 Main Building
4.Uttam SinghDeputy Legal Remembrancer24480---4106 Main Building
5.Hemant Kumar VermaSenior Legal Officer24453---5143 Main Building
6.Himanshu Sharma Senior Legal Officer24480---4106 Main Building
7.Anurita SharmaAssistant Legal Remembrancer24493---5143 Main Building
8.Sapna UpadhayaAssistant Section Officer24480---4106 Main Building
9.Hitesh SoniClerk Grade-I24480---4106 Main Building
10.Ghanshyam SharmaClerk Grade-I24480---4106 Main Building
11.Garima GehlotClerk Grade-I24493---5143 Main Building
12.Priyanka JangidClerk Grade-II24493---5143 Main Building
13.Saroj KumariClerk Grade-II24480---4106 Main Building
14.Pushkar Narayan MathurFourth Class24493---5143 Main Building
15.Meena DeviFourth Class24480---5143 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Onkar Mal RajotiyaJoint Secretary24470 22272394120 Main Building
2.Atul KhandelwalChief Accounts Officer24416---5129 Main Building
3.Bhupendra Kumar DheerAssistant Secretary24458---5125 Main Building
4.Om Prakash RanaSection Officer24413---5125 Main Building
5.Sanjay kumar GadiaSection Officer2441122272395125 Main Building
6.Rajesh IsraniAssistant Accounts Officer-II24458---5125 Main Building
7.Pawan LakheraPrivate Assistant24471---4121 Main Building
8.Subhash PatniAssistant Manager24458---5125 Main Building
9.Harikrishna SharmaAssistant Programmer24471---4121 Main Building
10.Rajesh Kumar GurjarClerk Grade-II24458---5125 Main Building
11.Abdul RahimClerk Grade-II24458---5125 Main Building
12.Chhtr Pal DanClerk Grade-II24458---5125 Main Building
13.Subhash Chandra JatJamadar Grade-I24471---4121 Main Building
14.Girdhari LalFourth Class24458---5125 Main Building
15.Gopal Lal MeenaFourth Class24471---5125 Main Building
16.Rajendra SharmaFourth Class24471---4125 Main Building
17.Madhu MeenaFourth Class24458---5125 Main Building
18.Shyamveer SinghFourth Class2445822272395125 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Ushaspati TripathiJoint Secretary244342227921 5128 Main Building
2.Harish LaddhaChief Accounts Officer24489---5126 Main Building
3.Sudhir YadavAccounts Officer24455---5125 Main Building
4.Pradeep AroraAssistant Accounts Officer-I24455---5125 Main Building
5.Rajesh MeenaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24455---5125 Main Building
6.Rajesh YadavJunior Accountant2445522279215125 Main Building
7.Gauri ShankarClerk Grade-I24455---5125 Main Building
8.Sharda GuptaClerk Grade-II24455---5125 Main Building
9.Mujeeb MiyaFourth Class24455---5125 Main Building
10.HarnathFourth Class24455---5125 Main Building
G&T (S.P.F.C Cell)
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Deva Ram ShivranChief Accounts Officer24403---5125 Main Building
2.Krishan Kumar SharmaSenior Accounts Officer244052743455Vitta Bhawan
3.Sohan Lal GuptaAccounts Officer244052743455Vitta Bhawan
4.Sudhir Kumar GoyalSection Officer24455---5125 Main Building
5.Tulsidas SindhiAssistant Accounts Officer-I244052743455Vitta Bhawan
6.Yogendra BagdhaAssistant Accounts Officer-II244022743455Vitta Bhawan
7.Shobha LakshmanProgrammer244062743455Vitta Bhawan
8.Rachana SainiInformatics Assistant244062743455Vitta Bhawan
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Shankar Lal KumawatJoint Secretary2447622271622106 Main Building
2.Harish LikhyaniAdditional Private Secretary24477---2105 Main Building
3.Ramjivan JatAssistant Secretary2440922271625134 Main Building
4.Ramjan AliAssistant Legal Remembrancer2445122271622105 Main Building
5.Kishan Lal KumawatSection Officer24409---5134 Main Building
6.Kailash NarayanSection Officer24450---5134 Main Building
7.Jambu Kumar JainSenior Accounts Officer2448522271625127 Main Building
8.Sita Ram JitarwalAssistant Accounts Officer-II2445022271625134 Main Building
9.Naresh Kumar SharmaProgrammer24477---2105 Main Building
10.Manoj Kumar GuptaClerk Grade-I24450---5134 Main Building
11.Bharat SinghClerk Grade-I24450---5134 Main Building
12.Ajay Kumar MeenaTax Assistant2445022271625127 Main Building
13.Satyanarayan SharmaOSD(Retired)24450---5134 Main Building
14.Harish Chandra ChetwaniConsultant24450---5134 Main Building
15.Bhagwan DasConsultant(Retired)2445022271625127 Main Building
16.Satish DigwalTax Assistant2445022271625127 Main Building
17.KaluramFourth Class24450---5134 Main Building
18.Meenu TrivediFourth Class2445022271625134 Main Building
Tax Research Cell
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Meenal BhonsleOSD2443623857424112 Main Building
2.Shaleen UpadhyaResearch Officer-I24414---4112 Main Building
3.Lajpat RaiResearch Officer-III24407---4113 Main Building
4.Abhishek GoganiaAssistant Research Officer24414---4113 Main Building
5.Archana GoyalStatistical Officer24408---5134 Main Building
6.R. P. PathakResearch Officer24414---4113 Main Building
7.Shyam Sundar SaraswatConsultant24414---4113 Main Building
8.Ajeet SinghJunior Commercial Taxes Officer2441423857424113 Main Building
9.Sunil Kumar YadavTax Assistant2441423857424113 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Aijaz Nabi KhanJoint Secretary2441823857533207 Main Building
2.Brahma Prakash SharmaChief Accounts Officer24417---3108-A Main Building
3.Chandan LalAssistant Secretary2446523857535125 Main Building
4.Rajeev Kumar ShuklaSection Officer24456---5125 Main Building
5.Krishan Mohan RawatStatistical Officer24465---5125 Main Building
6.Giriraj Prasad GuptaAssistant Accounts Officer-I24465---5125 Main Building
7.Sanjay GuptaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24465---5125 Main Building
8.Dinesh SinghAssistant Accounts Officer-II24465---5125 Main Building
9. Dharmendra SharmaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24465---5125 Main Building
10.Munesh BhargavaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24465---5125 Main Building
11.Lata SharmaAdditional Private Secretary24419---5125 Main Building
12.Priyanka VermaAssistant Section Officer244655125 Main Building
13.Surendra Singh NathawatInformatics Assistant24419---3211 Main Building
14. Deepak GuptaInformatics Assistant24475---5228 Main Building
15.Taju deenInformatics Assistant24417---3108-A Main Building
16.Shobhana SoniClerk Grade-II24465---5125 Main Building
17.Satyandra SharmaClerk Grade-I24465---5125 Main Building
18.Abdul RahimJamadar24465---5125 Main Building
19.Shankar SinghFourth Class24419---3211 Main Building
20.Babulal KumharFourth Class24419---3211 Main Building
21.Deewan SinghFourth Class24465---5125 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Arvind Kumar MishraJoint Secretary2442022274504108 Main Building
2.Sitaram MeenaChief Accounts Officer24485---5131 Main Building
3.Jambu Kumar JainSenior Accounts Officer24485---5131 Main Building
4.Alok KumarSection Officer24421---5142 Main Building
5.Lalit KumarAssistant Accounts Officer-II24485---5142 Main Building
6.Vinay Kumar SanghiAssistant Accounts Officer-II24485---5142 Main Building
7.Rajendra Prasad SharmaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24485---5142 Main Building
8.Rajesh Kumar SharmaAssistant Accounts Officer-II24485---5142 Main Building
9.Hem Shankar KumawatAssistant Accounts Officer-II24485---5142 Main Building
10.Tarachand BairwaJunior Accountant24421---5125 Main Building
11.Jyoti DayamaJunior Accountant24421---5125 Main Building
12.Puran RaigarJunior Accountant24421---5125 Main Building
13.KavitaInformatics Assistant24485---5125 Main Building
14.Manisha KanwarClerk Grade-I24485---5125 Main Building
15.Motilal BhunkarConsultant24485---5125 Main Building
16.Guru DayalFourth Class24421---5125 Main Building
17.Prakash ChandraFourth Class24485---5125 Main Building
18.HanumanFourth Class24485---5125 Main Building
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Ashotosh VajpaiJoint Secretary2447222275565244 Main Building
2.LaxmiKant SharmaChief Accounts Officer---2744559Vitta Bhawan
3.Sangeeta SinghChief Accounts Officer---2744056Vitta Bhawan
4.Dinesh Kumar MeenaSenior Accounts Officer---2744056Vitta Bhawan
5.Hanuman Sahai BalotiaAssistant Accounts Officer-II---2744056Vitta Bhawan
6.Yogesh TripathiAssistant Accounts Officer-II---2742844Vitta Bhawan
7.Mukesh Kumar AgarwalAssistant Accounts Officer-II---2742844Vitta Bhawan
8.Ashok TewaniAssistant Accounts Officer-II---2742844Vitta Bhawan
9.Ramavatar SharmaAssistant Programmer---2742844Vitta Bhawan
10.Sewa Narain JindalAssistant Statistical Officer---2742844Vitta Bhawan
11.Satypal YadavAssistant Section Officer---2742844Vitta Bhawan
12.Bhagwan Das NamaSenior Accounts Officer(Retired)---2742844Vitta Bhawan
Insurance & Pension
S. No.Name Post I. P. Telephone (O) Room No.
1.Ved Prakash GuptaJoint Secretary2449823856497307 Food Building
2.Manna Lal SainiSection Officer24499---7310 Food Building
3.Umesh PallivalClerk Grade-I24499---7308 Food Building
4.Hanuman Sahai MeenaSenior Accounts Officer2432323856497310 Food Building
5.Vijendra Kumar MeenaJunior Accountant2432323856497310 Food Building
6.Ramesh ChandraAssistant Accounts Officer-II2449923856497310 Food Building
7.Choth MalClerk Grade-II2449923856497310 Food Building
8.Shanti DeviFourth Class24499---7308 Food Building
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