News Update
Amendment in RSR 1951
[Order Dated: 06.11.2018]

Notification regarding exemption from TDS on supplies from one PSU to another PSU
[Order Dated: 05.11.2018]

Declaration of Dry Day in Dholpur, Karoli, SawaiMadhopur, Banswara, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Pratapgarh, Kota, Baran and Jhalawar Districts for General Election of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 2018
[Order Dated: 03.11.2018]

Declaration of Dry Day for General Election of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, 2018
[Order Dated: 01.11.2018]

Revised BFC Meeting Programme (Exp-V) of Litigation Department
[Order Dated: 31.10.2018]

Sanction of Privilege Leave (PL) during the strike period
[Order Dated: 30.10.2018]

Rajasthan Goods and Services Tax (Thirteenth Amendment) Rules, 2018
[Order Dated: 30.10.2018]

Revised BFC Meeting Programme (Exp-V) of Disaster Management and Relief Department
[Order Dated: 29.10.2018]

Authorisation of Supplementary Demands for the year 2018-19 (First Edition)
[Order Dated: 03.10.2018]

Operational guidelines for further implementation of e-Kuber, RBI
[Order Dated: 26.09.2018]

Revised Guidelines for Gender Budget Statement
[Order Dated: 18.09.2018]

Budget Circular - BE 2019-2020 and RE 2018-2019
[Order Dated: 04.09.2018]

Online payment through PD payment advice
[Order Dated: 25.07.2018]

Instructions regarding revenue deposit through e-GRAS
[Order Dated: 25.07.2018]

Revision of pension of pre-01.01.2016 State pensioners / family pensioner etc
[Order Dated: 18.07.2018]

Supplementary Demands for 2018-19 (First Batch)
[Order Dated: 05.07.2018]

Accounting of unspent balances and Recovery of over payments
[Order Dated: 03.07.2018]

Detailed directions for deposits and investments in bank account and PD account
[Order Dated: 02.07.2018]

Guidelines for secured e-payments at IFMS
[Order Dated: 29.06.2018]

Reconciliation of Accounts (Receipts and Expenditure) of 2017-18 from Accountant General Rajasthan, Jaipur
[Order Dated: 11.05.2018]

Regarding Online System of Budget Re-Appropriation and PD Account Sanction
[Order Dated: 24.04.2018]

Reconciliation of Accounts (Receipts and Expenditure) of 2017-18 from Accountant General Rajasthan, Jaipur
[Order Dated: 23.04.2018]

Online presentation of medical bills
[Order Dated: 13.04.2018]

Authorisation of Budget for the year 2018-2019
[Order Dated: 28.03.2018]

IFMS Operational Guidelines
[Order Dated: 25.05.2017]

Meeting Notices/Orders related to BFC 2019-20

Compendium of IFMS

Audit Programs for Internal Enquiry by Inspection Department

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